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PRIME Directives

The PRIME directives are a set of reusable health data research infrastructure components that comprise of documents that are anchored in the FIVE SAFE Frameowork abd outline the Principles, Requirements, Interoperable Standards, Modular Software & Services and Extensibility Usecases to help develop a standardised Trusted Research Environment deployment (singular) and a federated network of interoperable Trusted Research Environments (plural).

Level Title Description Narrative
L1 Principles Principles & Recommendations Narrative data sharing principles and best-practice recommendations which are updated with evidence over time (living guidelines)
L2 Requirements Functional & Non-Functional Requirements Vendor-neutral and transparent documentation of functional and non-functional requirements
L3 Interoperable Interoperable Standards & Specifications Standardised software-neutral specifications and interoperability standards
L4 Modular Modular Software & Services Exemplar software and services that implement standardised and interoperable components
L5 Extensibility Extensible & Adaptable Usecases Suggested extension points and adaptation routes to implement components within a local enterprise architecture settings.

The PRIME guidelines is by design, software-neutral and formulated for adaptation into local enterprise architecture settings to facilitate rapid, effective and global implementation of a network of Trusted Research Environments.